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Sports Offered

  • Fall Season: Air Riflery, Bowling, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Soft Tennis, JV Softball, Girls' Volleyball
  • Winter Season: JV Baseball, Boys'/Girls' Basketball, Paddling, Boys'/Girls' Soccer, Swimming, JV Girls' Tennis, Wrestling
  • Spring Season: Varsity Baseball, Golf, Judo, Varsity Softball, Varsity Tennis, Track and Field, Boys' Volleyball, Girls' Water Polo

General Information

  • Parent/Guardian MUST fill out registration prior to participation
  • Pre-participation forms are required before participation in any school sanctioned athletic activity (conditioning, tryouts, practice, etc.)


Online Athletics Registration

KHS Athletics provides online registration through rSchoolToday, a secure registration platform that is a user-friendly way to register for athletics. When a family registers through rSchoolToday, the system keeps track of information in their Family profile which allows information to be entered one time for multiple seasons, multiple family members, and multiple programs.




STEP ONE: Read and Review all documents
Read and review with your student athlete the annual Athletics/Activities Read and Review Document (AD-2 HS). This document includes important information on concussion symptoms and reporting, sudden cardiac arrest symptoms and reporting, and Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive (ImPACT) Testing that takes place in some sports at the start of the season. It also includes information on the District’s Return to Play protocol for students returning after injury or illness significant enough to require medical care. 
STEP TWO: Create a Family Athletics Account and Register your Student-Athlete(s)
Please have the following information handy before starting the registration process and PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS WHEN FILLING OUT FORM TO ENSURE SUCCESSFUL REGISTRATION ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT:
  • Address and phone number(s) of an emergency contact
  • Student-athlete’s email address and phone number(s)
  • Student-athlete’s medications, if applicable, to include dosage and time instructions


To create a Family Athletics Account and Register a new student-athlete:

  1. Click on the "New User Create an Account" link below


  1. Create a username and password

  1. Click on "Register" and complete all required fields to register your student-athlete

To register the same student-athlete for a different sport:
  1. Log in to your family account using the "Returning Users Login"  link below

  1. Click the "Register" link (blue paper and pencil icon)

  1. Choose "Register (followed by name of the student-athlete)" from the drop-down menu

  1. Continue to submit the registration. The form will auto populate the answers based on your previously submitted registration. Please review and edit answers as needed.


To register a new student under the same Family Athletics Account:

  1. Log in to your family account using the "Returning Users Login"  link below

  1. Click "Register" link (blue paper and pencil icon)

  1. Choose "Register a new student" from the drop-down menu

  1. Complete the required fields and submit the form
STEP THREE: Forms/Pre-Participation Medical Requirements
Two forms are required before participation in any school sanctioned activity (conditioning, try-outs, practice, etc). All forms must be submitted to the athletic trainers following Athletics Account Registration.
  1. A current Concussion Management Study Consent and Hawaii State DOE Physical Examination for Athletes Form. Physicals are good for 12-months from exam date. Please use the DOE Physical Examination for Athletes form. Other medical history/health forms will not be accepted. Scheduling the physical between June and August is encouraged (but not required) as it will ensure their physical will not expire during a sport season. Physical forms may also be picked up from the athletic training room. (4 pages)
  2. A current Consent, Release, and Assumption of Risk (CAR) formA new form must be filled out for each sport. CAR forms are good for 12-months for the specified sport and its related activities. (2 pages)
  3. A current ImPACT Concussion Baseline Test for student-athletes participating in contact sports. Specific dates of testing will be announced at a later date prior to the start of the sport season.

If you have any questions regarding these pre-participation requirements, please contact the athletic trainers:


If you have any questions or need assistance with the registration, please email  or call 808-305-0652.